Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Radio Silence

Sorry things have been so quiet here lately! It's a bit tricky to coordinate our schedules, seeing as Erika has a fairly full one and I basically just sleep all day. Now Erika will be going off on an adventure (without me!) (Sorry, my parents' car is tiny) this weekend, so there's no chance of things getting busier just yet.
So, to tide you over, here are some pictures of what we did last Friday. The story will be forthcoming.
We basically live here. No regrets.

Also pictured: our friend Yesenia!

Band practice, complete with a performance and ghost hands.
Excuse my crazy hair, I had it up all day and I was so tired from school and work. But yeah, that's Yesenia, she was all excited about attending Disneyland for her very first time on Saturday, so we went to the mall and bought Magic lip stick. The lip stick that Sarah is applying (like a winner). And after we ate, went to the mall, we went to Beyrin's Band Practice. By the way their band's name is Kingyo, and their sound is great! By the way Beyrin is the one with stripes, Noel is the base guitarist with the long hair and Edgar is the one with ghost like hands because he usually is the drummer. Sadly, Traba was not there, so he didn't get to be in the picture.

Much Love,

Erika Lucia <3