About Us

'Sup. I'm Sarah of The Ridiculous Sort, so you may/may not know me already. It's nice if you do, but I won't quibble.
I'm generally a sarcastic writer, but I promise I'm not mean. Usually. Without good cause.
I reference things all the time, and if my posts haven't yet informed you that I'm overly into Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Cabin Pressure, then you're learning that now. All Whovians/Sherlockians/members of the fandot, please feel free to fangirl with me.
I get overexcited about things and talk a lot. Well, write a lot. Same difference, I guess.
And anything else you need to know you can surely glean from my posts.

Hello, world! I'm Erika, the one that Sarah talks about in her blog and spends most of her days, when she is out in the world.
I apparently dress too fancy or comfy, this all depends on how I feel that day. Usually, both at the same time. Does this make sense?
I cannot go outside without earrings nor without a smile!
So far, this was way more difficult to write about than my Political Science homework and if you know Vento you know what I'm talking about.
PS. I'm way more awesome than Sarah.
Erika <3

Combine them and you get...
Well, this.
This blog is essentially a combined personal blog where we talk about clothes, crafts, books, whatever. If you'd like to talk to us about Official Blogger Things, sharks, politics, or just how the weather's looking, please contact us at thosemagnificentgirls@gmail.com and say hi!